Parlour Collective projects:
‘Parlour Arboretum’ Oct/16 at The Harcourt Botanical Gardens, Oxford. UK
‘Parlour Dictionaire’ 15th April 2016 at Dr Johnsons House, London. UK
‘The Assembled image’ 17th Oct 2015. Kunstbanken Performance Festival, Hamar, Norway.
See ‘Performance work’ 
Becoming Graphene. Imperial Ballistics. An Exhibition of new work as LHT Artist in Residence at Imperial College 23rd Jan – 1st Feb 2015

 See ‘New and recent work’


I also took part in the event; ‘Space Beads from Ancient Egypt: Making objects from Meteorites’  together with the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology UCL and the Royal Observatory Greenwich on 27th September 2014


And helped set up and take part in Chris Yetton’s conference; ‘The Role of Beauty’ in mathematics and art.  at the Henry Moore Institute in Leeds, on 4th October 2014