Performance Work

Over the last 10 years I have realised the value of live performance as key to my work and have worked with a couple of leading performance groups.

This approach to making has recently developed to include film. In September 2019 I worked with Jack Catling, Ine Harrang, Soohyun Choi and David Stearn on a performance to film project in Surnedal Billag, Norway.

This has been an important development in the way I work and think about how art practice is presented. Both in terms of the object and the act of making. It has allowed me to find a fresh view of the possibilities of new work and in respecting and reconsidering the ‘hidden’ in past work.

I am looking for the possible meanings latent in materials and phenomena through the relationship between performance, installation and the relic.

I work in the realm of poetic space just outside the reach of understanding. the idea of ‘beyond measure’ intrigues me. I’m drawn toward potency through the coming together of matter and time, allowing intuition to work the syntax of stuff. An idea is true within doing. Found by chance, by interruption and by risk!