Anvilled Stars

The metorites I have used in this work are known as ‘Campos’. They are sourced from the northern region of Argentina where a massive impact shower of 50 megatonnes of metal fell, around 6,000 years ago. The core material of a dead planet. This was witnessed by the local indians and named the ‘Campo del Cielo’, ‘The field of Heaven’

My true fascination, awe and inability to comprehend such an event, that has a story of many billions of years and embodies distances and time that is far beyond the imagination, this together with my own deep wonder and mystery at my patronage and distant sense of belonging to Argentina has fired and determined this work.

MLG has taken fragments of the heavens, shooting stars, into his studio and exposed their secret reflections in the heat of his forge. With tense skill, a keen eye and strenght he has hammered out their form and polished their meaning into objects of gleaming artistic magnitude.

Fallen meteorites have been reheated in the artist’s forge and lovingly hammered into a tense form that is agreed between man and material. Their enigmatic surfaces then hand polished into mirrored depth that reflects all of our sight and speculations.

These hand made mirrors have travelled millions of miles to the blacksmith’s forge. Where their dark mysterious reflections are unlocked with fire, strength and the artist’s eye.
B.Catling. ’10

The Meteoritic Mirrors’ text by B. Catling 2010