1989 – 1992 Royal Academy Schools, London. Post Graduate Diploma in Sculpture
1985 – 1988 Chelsea School of Art, London. B.A. Hons. Fine Art/ Sculpture 1st Class
1979 – 1985 Blacksmith Apprenticeship
RQ LTD C.O.S.I.R.A. City and Guilds, Salisbury. Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths.


2021 Surnedal Billag. ‘Parlour Collective’ Performance to film project. Funded by MRK + Arts Council Norway.The film ‘Scenes Overheard’ has won many awards at the International Film Festivals, including ‘Best Film’ at The Swedenborg Film Festival London 2022. UK

2013  – 2020  Leverhume Artist in Residence at Imperial College London. UK 

2019 Surnedal Billag. ‘Parlour Collective’ Performance to film project. Funded by Billag. Norway. The film ‘Hidden Landscapes’ – Selected by the IPFF (International Portrait Film Festival, Plovdiv, Bulgaria) and many others.

2018 Hjertøya Merzbau. MRK + Arts Council Norway. Also Sirkel4 Atellierfellestrap Molde, Norway


Solo Exhibitions
2018 – ‘Figure in the Landscape. Within the Levels and Horizons of Time‘ 1 month residency programme and exhibition at Sirkel4. Atelierfellesskap Molde, Norway
-‘Paradigmatic Ontologies’ Hjertøya merzbau. 2 week project performance at Prosjektuke, MRK, Kunstsenter, Plassen, Molde, Norway
2015 – ‘Becoming Graphene. Imperial Ballistics’  Installation Funded by The Leverhulme Trust for my residency at Imperial College London, UK
2012-2021 – ‘Anvilled Stars’ ‘The Greenwich Constellation’, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich. The Royal Observatory. UK.
2011 – ‘Anvilled Stars’ ‘the Kensington constellation’, Installation at the Science Museum, London, UK
‘Anvilled Stars’ at the Museum of the History of Science, Oxford, UK
2008 – Votive Alter at the Great Malvern Priory, permanent installation, UK
2007 – Decoy’s, Hatton Gallery, Newcastle, UK
2005 – Numen and Scotoma, Oslo Academy Galleries, Norway
2000 – Numen, Five Years Gallery, Curated by Jean Paul Martinon, London, UK
1992 – Kern Gallery, Fulda, Germany
1990 – Blind Affections Bypassing Memories, Trondheim, Norway

Group Exhibitions

2021 – Surnedal Billag 2 – ‘Parlour Collective’ performance to film residency. Funded by MRK and Arts Council Norway.
2019 – Surnedal Billag – ‘Parlour Collective’ performance to film residency, Surnedahl, Norway. Funded ‘in kind’ by Surnedal Billag Studios.
2018 – ‘Paradigmatic Ontology – Andes to Mars’ Imperial Festival, Imperial College, London, UK
‘Parlour Géométrique’ – Chiswick House, London UK
2017 – ENGROS, Copenhagen, Denmark
2016 – ‘Parlour Arboretum’ – Harcourt Botanic Garden, Oxford, UK
‘Parlour Dictionaire’ –  Dr Johnsons House, London. UK
2015 – ‘Parlour Symblique’ – The Freud Museum, London, UK
‘Parlour and The Assembled Image’ – Hamar performance festival, Norway
FODO VII, WAC Gallery London. UK
2014- FODO VI, WAC Gallery London. UK
2013 – Wolf in the Winter, UK Tour. MAO, Oxford. Dorchester Abbey. Fierce Festival, Birmingham, UK
‘Parlour Arabesque’ – Leighton House Kensington, London UK
‘Palour Merzbau’ – The Kurt Schwitters Merzbau Romsdalsmuseet Molde Norway
‘Three Fields’ NOFORMAT Gallery London UK
2012 – ‘Palour Souterrain’ – The Brunel Museum. London UK
‘Paper Nautilus’ Nautilus Press. London UK
‘Parlour Jardin’ – Oxford Botanical Gardens. UK
FODO V at WAC Gallery London, UK
‘Measuring the Universe’ – The Royal Observatory, Greenwich. UK
‘The Perfect Nude‘ – Curated by Dan Coombs and Phillip Allen, Wimbledon space. UK, + Pheonix Gallery, Exeter. UK
2011 – FODO I, III, IV at Wac gallery, London, UK
2010 – ‘Reflections in a Field of Heaven’ – MHS Oxford, UK
2008-11 – To Make I, II, III, IV, V, KHIB Bergen, Norway
2007 – SKULPTURI.DK, – Copenhagen, Denmark
‘Liable to Flooding’ – Brentford, London, UK
2004 – Installation, – Fire and Iron gallery. UK
2002 – ‘Video work’ – Five Years Gallery, London, UK
2000 – ‘Snowballing’ – The Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, UK
Arthur R Rose, – Tanner Street, London, UK
1999 – ‘Blink’ – 5 Princelet Street, London, UK
‘dot’ – 5 Teesdale Yard, London, UK
1997 – King’s Cross – The Ice Station, London, UK
Big Blue – Coins Cafe Gallery, London, UK
1996 – ‘Close very very Close’ – Roger Stevens gallery, Leeds, UK
1995 – Infanta – The View, Liverpool, UK
Open Door – Holborn, London, UK
Art Focus – Tel Aviv, Israel (British Council funded)
Miniatures – The Agency, London, UK
1994 – ‘Candyman II’ – London, UK
1993 – ‘Three Installations’ – 194 Goldhawk Road, London, UK
1992 – ‘Kunstler Zeigen Kunstler’ – Gallery Vier, Berlin, (with Helen Chadwick)
1991 – Djhkanka Gallery – Warsaw, Poland
Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy, London, UK
The Economist Building – London, UK
1990 – The Boathouse Gallery – Trondheim, Norway
1988 – First of the Firsts – The London Institute, London
1985 – Parnell Park – public commission, London
B.A.B.A. National Iron Work Exhibition, Glamorgan, UK
1984 – Towards A New Iron Age – V&A, London, UK

Employment and Teaching
2010 – Assistant Professor, 30%, KhiB, Bergen Norway
Visiting tutor, Royal Academy Schools London
2008 – 2011 – Visiting tutor + course co-supervisor / To Make I.II.III.IV.V,
Bergen Academy of Fine Art, Bergen Norway
2008 – Visiting Tutor + course supervisor,
Trondheim Academy of fine Art, Trondheim University,Norway
2005 – 2006 – Visiting Tutor + project supervisor,
National Academy of fine Art, Oslo, Norway.
Visiting tutor + project supervisor,
Trondheim Academy of fine Art, Trondheim University, Norway
2001 – 2006 – Senior Tutor in Fine Art .66,
Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, University of Oxford
1998 – 2001 – Visiting tutor, Ruskin School Of Drawing and Fine Art
1995 – Visiting Project Leader
B.A. Fine Art (Alternative Media), Kingston University
1992 – 1996 – Visiting tutor (regular post)
B.A. and M.A. Fine Art (Sculpture), Chelsea School of Art
1990 – Visiting artist/tutor,
Trondheim Art Academy (Sculpture) Trondheim University, Norway
1988 – 1989 – Head metalwork Technician in Sculpture at Chelsea School of Art London.

1985 – present
Master Blacksmith (freelance) – Aside from teaching fine art, I practice as an architectural blacksmith.  I have worked on my own and through Richard Quinnell Ltd. on numerous large and small scale projects of 18 and 19th C. restoration and reproduction for the National Heritage, including the Knoll House gates and overthrow and the locks at Hampton Court Palace, the Rose Arbours for the Duke of Westminster. Large projects for the Sultanate of Oman and also contemporary design and build projects such as the staircase at Pembroke College Masters Lodge Cambridge. I continue to make and design metalwork and freelance to various leading Blacksmith firms, architects and private clients.

Talks/ Lectures
I have given lectures and seminars (undergraduate and postgraduate level) based on art practice at the following institutions :
Bergen Academy, Norway, Oslo National Academy, The Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, Chelsea School of Art,Trondheim Art Academy Norway, Kingston University, Birmingham School of Art, Royal Academy Schools, London

2018 –  Scholarship from MRK, Kunstsenter, Plassen, Molde, Norway
2013 – The Leverhulme Trust Artist in Residence award at Imperial College
1992 – Vincent Harris Prize
1991 – Royal Academy Gold Medal
1991 – Edward Stott Travel Scholarship
1988 – Mordent Lewis Scholarship
1984 – The Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths – first prize certificate

2010 – Campo Del Cielo, Reflections on the work of MLG. With texts by Brian Catling and Monica Grady. PIGHOG Press, ISBN 978-1-906309-14-5
2005 – Numen and Scotoma. Book accompanying Exhibition in Oslo. Text by Professor Stein Ronning and Matthew Luck Galpin, ISBN 82-92613-09-9
1996 – Words Fail Me, collected writings. Toby Mott, Private Publication, Selected Bibliography
1996 – Amina Chatwin, Into The New Iron Age , Coach HousePublishing
1995 – Julian Stellabrass, On The Margins, Art Monthly, No.182 Dec-Jan
1994 – Tania Guha, Candyman II, Time Out, June 29 – July 6 Simon Grant, Miniatures, Art monthly, No. 181 November
1993 – David Lillington, 194 Goldhawk Road, Time Out